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I'm Tess

I wear many hats: stay-at-home momma, doggie daycare assistant, Pinterest Manager, Etsy Shop Owner, and partner to my wonderful husband.

I started this journey to get out of the constant burn-out of working for other people - my son comes first, not my boss's bottom line. It was time I took control of my financial future and build my own means of creating income. 

My goal is to help e-commerce owners or Esty Sellers get the most out of digital marketing. Pinterest is a POWERHOUSE for product sellers, especially those of the handmade variety. I know it works because I've done it, and continue to see it work for my clients. 

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When I started my Etsy Shop in 2019 - Junktastic Journals - I had no idea how to market anything. I thought all I really had to do was create these awesome Junk Journals, take some pretty pictures and let the money roll in. Cute right?.... I had dabbled in Etsy SEO to set up my Shop as best as I could and SLOWLY started to see some orders come in - I am talking maybe one order per every 2 weeks. 

That wasn't cutting for me so I started diving into new ways to get my product seen by the people who were ready with that debit card.  Pinterest was my game changer, by spending way too much time researching Pinterest SEO, Pinterest Marketing Strategies, understanding Pinterest analytics, and setting up my new shiny Pinterest Business account for my Shop - I was able to finally crack the code and break the barrier. My journals were being seen by EXACTLY who I wanted to buy them, the orders were rolling in so fast I couldn't keep up. So much so that I actually closed up shop. 

WHAT?! Crazy right? I was making money and getting to create my journals all day...sounds great. It turns out I loved the marketing side of my business far more than the actual creating - because once my journals became a huge seller, it was no longer enjoyable for me....I wasn't able to keep my creative momentum and also be able to successfully market my journals. 

I don't want that to happen to you! There is no shame in outsourcing the work that drains you - marketing is insanely important for getting your products seen to the people that are READY to buy. That's my job now, getting you the traffic and customers that will fall in love with your products. 

Whether you need a completely new Pinterest Marketing strategy, Etsy Shop management, minimal assistance setting up your new Shop, or even if you want to jump on a phone call and discuss what your options are - I am your gal.

Ready to get started?.....

Contact me for a FREE Discovery Call - and let's see what would work best for you. 

Tess Howard

Emma Spicer, Artist - Etsy Shop Owner

Tess has given me a really great, easy to follow guide and I can’t wait to get started on putting her ideas into place. I think my shop and social media will look a lot more professional and polished once I’ve put Tess’ ideas into practice. Tess is extremely approachable and answered my questions very quickly, she made me feel like no question was silly and clearly knows her stuff. She also offered support over messages or phone calls after she sent the strategy over. I’d thoroughly recommend working with Tess.


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